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September 26, 2010
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HC NPC Kendra by Milady-Alluca HC NPC Kendra by Milady-Alluca
I was supposed to be doing other things, like homework, fan service pics, chibis, R2...but this was just sitting in my laptop, I did some touch ups to the coloring this morning...

And despite the comic being at a hiatus currently, I'm posting Kendra's app.

:bulletpink: Read the pathetic comic that is introducing Kendra and the rest of Kirra's family~! [link]

Presenting Karoline Vega's third child, first daughter, and Kirra's big sister:

A generally rough around the edges and impatient person, Kendra just really, really...really needs time to grow on you.

Trust me, you'll appreciate it it later when you need her to save your ass or beat up the bully that made fun of your rad hair or stole your lunch money and kept you from eating some of Gomez Gomez's sweet, sweet cookin'.

She's wicked and manipulative, and it's suspected she holds no conscience. In Pokemon battles or interacting with humans, she loves playing dirty, spinning the tables, fixing the dice, cutting the deck, using the underhand, you name it, she will stoop even lower.

To her, all that matters are results, so what if she breaks a rule here or there.

Some of her abrasive and aggressive nature can be attributed to her childhood and dealing with a loony tart of a mum and a fruity bat of a big brother, Kon. Kent was merely an uncool thorn in her side. In fact, surprising shock to all as it may be, Kendra was not at first too thrilled to have a little sister. She found Kirra was too adorable and that she was annoying and clingy and too lovey dovey.

Until she realized how much Kon liked Kirra...and he went to an extreme measure to try and win Kirra over to be her favorite older sibling. So Kendra gave in and became lovey with her baby sister, and totally fell for Kirra's charms, besting Kon in being Kirra's favorite.

To this day, Kendra has only been sweet and cute with Kirra, the closest anyone else has gotten would be one of Kendra's ex-girlfriends (and one ex-boyfriend) or her on-again-off-again-casual-lover-assistant Seina back in Hoenn.

Kendra works oddly enough with her brother Kent in Hoenn on a research project, though she leaves the data to Kent and pretty much just seems to be along to battle trainers, get a few badges, and accidentally help with some research. She honestly took the job a few years back in the first place to get away from Kon, since he announced heading to Kanto, and Kendra decided one ocean would not be enough to separate them.

With her mother running around amongst the 20-somethings and jail bait of the Conference, licking her chops while stalking the baby of the family, Kendra wants to protect Kirra from such debauchery.

Protective of her baby sister as she is, Kendra is in full on Terminator Mode. For some reason some purple haired punk is spending time with her precious little sister. Big Sister does not approve.


:bulletred: Eros - Ninetails :bulletred:
The first Pokemon Kendra ever really raised, starting as a Vulpix, Eros was just as difficult as his trainer. A heated argument and blows were exchanged in their past when they were just beginning their journey, and a lasting scar on Kendra's hand like a Vulpix's bite print remains as a testament to their past together, and Kendra looks upon it fondly. Eros is a Pokemon Player and flirts with everyone and everyone, human and Pokemon alike, much to Kendra's chagrin.
*The dark patch of fur over his eye only became present when Kendra evolved him with a stone, and she and Kent suspect prolonged contact with a highly potent stone is the cause.

:bulletorange: Freyja - Rapidash :bulletorange:
Raised from an egg given to her by her mother, Freyja is a sweetly playful and loving creature who enjoys a good battle and becomes fiercely competitive quickly. She serves as Kendra's main source of transportation, and is also a heavy brawler. This also dangerously carries over into her playful nature and she may get just a bit too rough with her companions when, excuse the pun, horsing around.

:bulletblack: Mímir - Absol :bulletblack:
The most recent addition to her team, Kendra is fascinated by Mímir and is determined to form a strong bond with him quickly. His affectionate but coy nature makes the process interesting to say the least, but he works hard to impress his teammates and trainer.

Other Pokemon

:bulletgreen: Sigyn - Skarmory :bulletgreen:
Steel Wing - Night Slash - Air Slash - Fly
Caught on her first travel to Hoenn, Kendra is rather fond of Sigyn, as she is neither a Swablu or creepy like Sir Burlington. Sigyn is a rather down to earth creature that can grow irritated with her trainer's passionate and violent outbursts, but she's learning to deal with it.

:bulletblue: Baldr - Golduck :bulletblue:
Water Pulse - Surf - Psychic - Toxic
Kendra and Bladr have an odd relationship. She originally caught him as a Psyduck with every intent to prepare him for being a powerful Golduck...but she was disappointed when he still clung to a ditzy personality after evolving. He has a flair for the dramatics and actually knows how to work a computer and navigate the internet. He also has an obsession with women's shoes, and orders them online much to the confusion of his trainer or trainer's family, whoever gets the box...and the bill.

:bulletpurple: Cleo - Arbok :bulletpurple:
Crunch - Poison Jab - Gunk Shot - Poison Tail
Traded to Kendra in exchange for her wily Flareon from her "it's complicated" friend Seina, Cleo is a wickedly devious and cruel Pokemon that enjoys playing more tricks than she should. She respects her trainer, but wishes more time was spent around men, as Cleo gets Poke-Crushes on most all muscled human males and is tired of tormenting Kent.

She had a Flareon as well, but he was traded to her assistant Seina for Cleo when they were much younger.

Shitton of text is HUGE. DEAL WITH IT KTHNXBAI ILY :3

Karoline Vega ~> [link]
Kon ~> Not Yet Introduced~
Kent ~> Not Yet Introduced~
Kirra ~> [link]

(Sexy Purple Haired Punk) Lynx ~> [link]
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